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IDA Secure Sleep Care SystemIDA
The Ida Bed is most versatile, designed for the patient who is non-ambulatory and needs a secure bed to sleep safe in and receive care. Ida is the caregivers friend!


IDA II Secure Sleep Care SystemIDA II semi electric
The IDA II semi electric

is designed for the non-ambulatory patient who receives medical care. Just like our Ida bed but with electric and manual features and doors on one side only.


IDA Manual Secure Sleep Care SystemIDA manual
The IDA manual is the Best Value Bed for Children With Special Needs. Ideal for patientsreceiving in-home nursing care.



HANNAH Secure Sleep Care SystemHANNAH
The Hannah Bed is build extremely stable, designed for those who are ambulatory and need a safe environment to sleep and play, protecting them from harming themselves.